Overview of The 7th Congress of EAAERE

Date: Augst 5 - 7, 2017

Venue: Mandarin Orchard Singapore Hotel

Organizer: Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

Schedule & Program: TBD

Keynote speaker:

  • Professor Robert N. Stavins, Harvard University
  • Professor Alexander J. B. Zehnder, Committee Chairman for Sustainable Earth Peak of Excellence, NTU


Important Information

Submission (here)



1.    Call For Papers

The Seventh Congress of the East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (EAAERE)

August 5-7, 2017



“Environment and Sustainable Development:

Issues, Challenges, and Solutions”


Call for Papers

We cordially invite you to submit theoretical and empirical papers in all areas of environmental and natural resource economics to the Seventh Congress of the East Asian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (EAAERE), which will be held in Singapore between August 5th and 7th in 2017. After the previous six Congresses held in Hokkaido (2010), Bandung (2012), Huangsan (2013), Busan (2014), Taipei (2015) and Fukuoka (2016), colleagues around the world are welcome to attend the Seventh Congress in Singapore in the summer of 2017. Economic Growth Centre (EGC) at Nanyang Technological University, the College of Social Science of National Taipei University, and Alumni Association of National Taipei University will co-host EAAERE Congress at 2017.


The Main Theme

The main theme of the Seventh Congress of the EAAERE is “Environment and Sustainable Development: Issues, Challenges, and Solutions.” Although the idea of sustainable development has been implemented in many areas since 1985, the progresses have not been satisfactory and many goals remain elusive.  Moreover, the sustainability of natural resources and the environment keep resting on lots of shaky grounds, such as the steady declining trends in natural forest coverage, the increasing loss of biodiversity resources, the clearer and manifest symptoms of climate changes, the downward spiral changes in both terrestrial and marine ecosystems, the speedy deterioration of air pollution, and the rising frequency and intensity of extreme weather events.    


The expansions of the existing and emerging problems mentioned above in terms of scope and intensity all point to a greater urgency to identify workable solutions.  In this Seventh Congress, we invite members and colleagues to share and discuss research findings in all areas related to the environment and sustainable development. We believe the knowledge generated by the efforts of environmental economists will offer more concrete insights and workable solutions to these problems. In addition to the technical and academic interests in environmental economics, the Seventh Congress also likes to encourage discussions on the policy relevance of the research findings, which can make us have a better and deeper understanding of future scenarios as well as the design of policy instruments.


Guidelines for Submissions

The Seventh Congress of the EAAERE will be composed of thematic sessions, contributing paper sessions, and poster sessions. Submissions relevant to the main theme are strongly encouraged.

v  To submit papers, the authors are required to provide an abstract no more than four pages for the contributing paper session (regular session). An abstract should include the title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s), objectives, methods adopted, the major findings and references. Multiple submissions are allowed, but only one paper will be accepted in the review process.


v  To submit a proposal to organize a thematic session, three papers connected by a unifying theme are required. The theme should be of interest to a broad collection of researchers on environmental and resource economics and policy studies. We hope that the papers to be presented at the thematic sessions are inspiring and have robust scientific foundations. The various sessions will run in parallel during the same time slot at the Seventh Congress of the EAAERE. The authors are required to provide an abstract of no more than four pages, as in the regular session. The organizer(s) of a thematic session, after confirming the submission of all the abstracts in the session, should organize the abstracts into a thematic session on the ConferenceMaker. They should also send a proposal titled “Thematic Session,” which contains: (a) name(s) of the organizer(s); (b) the title of the proposal; (c) a short description of the theme, including the motivation(s) and an explanation about how papers in this session individually and jointly contribute to the theme; and (d) titles and author names directly to the chair of program committee.

The organizer(s) must attend the Seventh Congress, and chair the proposed thematic session. In addition, the organizer(s) should ensure that all the nominated participants in the proposed thematic session are aware of and abide by the rules. There is no financial support for any thematic session, and all the participants are required to pay a full conference registration fee.

v  To submit a paper for the poster sessions, the author(s) are required to provide an abstract within three pages that includes the title of the paper, name(s) of the author(s), objectives, methods adopted, and the (expected) major findings.

Important Dates

      • The deadline for submitting an abstract or a proposal is April 30, 2017 (extended).
      • Notification of the reviewing outcome is May 15, 2017.
      • The deadline for annual membership fee payment for presenters is May 31, 2017
      • The deadline for registration for presenters and early-bird registration is May 31, 2017.
      • The deadline for a full-paper submission in all sessions is June 6, 2017.
      • The deadline for registration for all the participants is July 20, 2017.

You can submit a paper or a proposal at the conference website:



Program Committee Chair

Dr. Orapan Nabangchang

Director, Economy and Environment Institute of the Lower Sub-region

Email: nabangchangorapan@gmail.com

Tel: (+66) 81-611-7266 Fax: (+66) 2-965-4735


Accommodations and Registration

Information on accommodations, social events and tours will be available on the Congress website. Should you have any questions about this Congress, please contact Ms. Youjin Kim Cecilia the secretary of the Local Organizing Committee, at EAAERE2017@ntu.edu.sg, Tel: (+65) 6790-5689. Fax: (+65) 6795-5797.


2.    Submission Details - Important Dates



Abstract/Proposal submission

Apr 30, 2017 (extended)

Review Outcome

May 15, 2017

Full-paper submission

Jun 6, 2017

Annual membership fee payment

May 31, 2017

Registration fee payment (early)

May 31, 2017

Registration fee payment (all)

Jul 20, 2017


2.    Submission Details - Codes




Benefit Valuation: Contingent Valuation


Benefit Valuation: Choice Modelling


Benefit Valuation: Travel Cost


Benefit Valuation: Hedonic Pricing


Benefit Valuation: Other Valuation Methods


Benefit Valuation: Joint RP-SP Models


Benefit Valuation: Benefit Transfer


Benefit Valuation: Health Related Goods and Health Economics


Climate Change and Intragenerational Issues: Impacts


Climate Change and Intragenerational Issues: Adaptations


Climate Change and Intragenerational Issues: Discounting


Economics of Natural Disasters


Ecosystems and Natural Resources: Fisheries and Oceans Resources


Ecosystems and Natural Resources: Forest Resources


Ecosystems and Natural Resources: Other Renewable Resources


Ecosystems and Natural Resources: Water Use and Management


Ecosystems and Natural Resources: Energy Sources


Ecosystems and Natural Resources: Other Exhaustible Resources


Ecosystems and Natural Resources: Ecosystems Services and Biodiversity


Firm and the Environment : Environmental and Financial Performance


Firm and the Environment : Abatement Costs; Production/Cost Function


Firm and the Environment: Competitiveness and Trade


Firm and the Environment: Finance and Environment


Growth and/or Development: Optimal Growth; Sustainability; Green Paradox


Growth and/or Development: Technological Development


Growth and/or Development: Decoupling; EKC; Decompositions


Growth and/or Development: Weak Sustainability: Concepts and Measurement


Growth and/or Development: Strong Sutainability: Concepts and Measurement


Growth and/or Development: Green National Accounting: SEEA


Growth and/or Development: Development and Environment


Incidence Modelling: Integrated Assessment Modeling


Incidence Modeling: Macro Structural Models (CGE, Macroeconometric)


Incidence Modelling: Hybrid Models; Soft/Hard-Linking


Incidence Modelling: Microsimulations: Expenditure Models


Incidence Modelling: Optimization Sectoral Models


Incidence Modelling: Cost-Benefit Analysis


Regulation and Instruments: Optimal Regulation-Theory


Regulation and Instruments: Price-based MBI


Regulation and Instruments: Quantity-based MBI


Regulation and Instruments: Voluntary Approaches


Regulation and Instruments: Other Instruments


Regulation and Instruments: Political Economy, Law and Environment


Regulation and Instruments: Externalities


Regulation and Instruments: Other Market Failures


Regulation and Instruments: International Agreements


Regulation and Instruments: Monitoring and Enforcement 


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Residential Consumption and Demand


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Intra-household Behavior


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Experimental Economics


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Environmental Sociology and Social Psychology


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Ethics; Social Norms; and Values


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Inequality Measurement; Disparities


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Distributional Aspects


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Environmental Justice


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Poverty


Behavioral and Social Aspects: Crime and Environment


Environmental Law: Business


Environmental Law: Policy


Environmental Law: Economics


Transboundary Issues Related to Natural Resources and Environment


Uncertainty, Risks and Irreversibility: Uncertainty; Ambiguity


Uncertainty, Risks and Irreversibility: Risks


Uncertainty, Risks and Irreversibility: Disasters: Non-linearity: Thresholds


Other: Game Theory and The Environment


Other: Spatial Issues; GIS


Other: Meta-Regression


Other: Other


3.    Registration Fee

A member should pay an annual member fee before paying a registration fee for the year 2017/18 through the EAAERE website.

Anyone can be regarded as a member as long as they agree to the purpose of the Association and pay an annual membership fee for the year 2017/18.

CategoriesDeadline​Registration Fee​
Early​ ​ ​ ​ ​​Non-member ​May 31, 2017 ​ ​ ​US $400​
Member US $300
​Graduate Students US $​250
​Associate US $150​
​Associate less than five years old US $  80​
Late​ ​ ​ ​ ​Non-member ​Jul 20, 2017 ​ ​ ​ ​US $500
Member US $400
Graduate Students US $​350
​​Associate US $200
​Associate less than five years old ​US $130​


4.    Committee

Scientific Committee



Jong Ho HONG (Chair)

Seoul National University

Shiqiu ZHANG

Peking University

Hsing-Chun LIN

National Chiayi University

Katsuya Tanaka

Shiga University


Australian National University


Program Committee

Chair & Co-chair




Sukhothai Thammatirat Open University

Euston   QUAH

Nanyang Technological University




Ken-ichi   AKAO

Waseda University

Young   Sook EOM

Chon Buk National University

Fuhai   HONG

Nanyang Technological University

Soocheol   LEE

Meijo University

Ayumi   ONUMA

Keio University


Australian National University

Daigee   SHAW

Academia Sinica

Shiqiu   ZHANG

Peking University


Kyushu University


Aoyama Gakuin University


6.    Visa

Visitors must satisfy the following basic entry requirements before entering Singapore.


Visa Requirement

Foreigners holding travel documents issued by the following countries/regions will require a visa to enter Singapore.

The Visa Application Form can be downloaded online at


with the supporting document of

1.     A recent passport-sized color photograph to be pasted on the top right corner of Form 14A

  1. Image must be taken within 3 months
  2. Photograph must be in color, taken against a white background with matt or semi-matt finish
  3. Image must show the full face and without headgear (headgear worn in accordance with religious or racial customs is acceptable but must not obstruct any facial features)

2.     Photocopy of applicants’ passport biodata page
3.     Completed Form V39A (letter of Introduction for Visa Application) [MM1]

The completed form should be submitted to Singapore Overseas Mission or through authorized visa agents of the Overseas Mission together with supporting other documents.

If you have any question regarding Visa Application, please refer to ICA Entry Visa Application page for more information or email eaaere2017@ntu.edu.sg


Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate

For entry into Singapore, a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travelers (over one year of age) who, within the preceding six days have been in or have passed through any country at risk of yellow fever. Please refer to the ICA Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate page for more information.


7.    Accommodation

Mandarin Orchard Singapore (Conference Venue), 5 Star

Duluxe Room  (Single/Twin) S$235.00++/S$255.00++ per room per night
Superior Deluxe Room (Single/Twin) S$255.00++/S$275.00++ per room per night
inclusive of one buffet breakfast and in-room broadband access.
Mandarin Orchard Singapore stands tall in Orchard Road, the heard of Singapore's business, shoping, and entertainment districts. The hotel's 1,077 guest rooms and suites in two distictive towers offer views of the city skyline. A host of award-winning restaurants and bars offer local and international cuisines (such as Chatterbox where you can try its signature dish, Chicken Rice). Mandarin Gallery, occupying the first four storeys of the hotel's Orchard Wing, offers luxury retail experience. A fitness centre, an outdoor swimming pool, and outdoor tennis court are also available within the hotel premises.
Hotel contact: Mr Derek Chan Tel: +(65) 6831 6055 Fax : +(65) 6733 7685 Email: derek.chan@meritushotels.com
Address: 333 Orchard Road, Singapore 238867 Nearest MRT station: Somerset (NS23)
Website: http://www.meritushotels.com/en  


8.    Access to the Venue

The venue, Mandarin Orchard Singapore, is easily accessible via various modes of transportation available to and from the Airport, such as taxis, trains, public buses, and airport shuttle buses.


Metered taxis are readily available at the Arrival Halls of Singapore Changi Airport. (Travelling Time: 30 minutes/ Charges: Approximately $25.00 by meter)

Trains (MRT)

Train services are available at Changi Airport train station located at Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Transfer to the westbound train at Tanak Merah train station to alight at Somerset train station. Mandarin Orchard Singapore is a five-minute walk away from the station. For more information on various fares and stations, click here: http://www.smrt.com.sg/Trains/NetworkMap.aspx (Travelling Time: Approximately 1hour/ Charges: SGD 2.00 per person)

Public Buses

Bus Service 36 from the bus terminals of Changi Airport goes into the city. The first bus arrives at around 6.00am and the last departs at 12:00am. A one-way fare cost approximately SGD 2.00. The bus terminal is located at the basement bus bays of Terminals 1,2 and 3. Please prepare exact fare to be paid on the bus no change will be given. (Travelling Time: Approximately 1hour/ Charges: SGD 2.00)

Airport Shuttle Bus

Shuttle Bus services are provided and made available by Singapore Changi Airport to various hotels. You may purchase the tickets at the Ground Transport Desk located at the arrival hall of each terminal of the airport. Please click here to find out more: http://www.changiairport.com/getting-around/to-and-from-airport/buses

For more information, click here: http://www.meritushotels.com/mandarin-orchard-singapore/location-en.html


9.    Post-Congress Tour

7 Aug 2017 (Monday), 6pm-10pm

    • Option A: Gardens by the Bay - SGD 53/pax
    • Option B: Night Safari - SGD 65/pax

8 Aug 2017 (Tuesday), 9am-12:30pm or Day Tour

    • Option C: Gardens by the Bay - SGD 43-48/pax*
    • Option D: Many Faces of Singapore - SGD 30-35/pax*
    • Option E: Urban Farming - SGD 60-65/pax*
    • Option F: Getting to Know Singapore - SGD 30-35/pax*
    • Option G: Mangrove Kayak (Day Tour) - SGD135/pax

** The price of each tour will be decided upon the confirmation of total participants.   

Deadline for tour booking: 23 Jun 2017
Please contact Ms Youjin Cecilia KIM for enquiries and booking at EAAERE2017@ntu.edu.sg.