Obituary of Dr. Oates and his memorial fund

Dear Colleagues,

We just obtained the bad news from AERE that Dr. Oats passed away. Right now, AERE is raising the fund for Dr. Oats. If you are interested to donate for Oates Memorial Fund, please follow the instructions as attached file.

Best regards,

EAAERE Secretary Office


Instructions for credit cards

They can make credit card donations through the AERE website. A new website is going live in several weeks. I’m hoping the process for making credit card donations will be easier than it is at present. But it can be done now with the following steps:

1) Go to and click on the box labelled Donations at the upper right (just under Member Log-in). This will take you to the AERE Online Store

2) Click on Donation to AERE (ignore the $2,000 cost - you’ll enter your donation later).

3) In the Fund Amount box, select your donation amount. If you choose other, add the actual amount at bottom of page.

4) Select “Oates Memorial Fund” as the donation purpose

5) Click “Add to Cart”

6) Click Check Out

7) Select New Visitor Registration (if you are not an AERE member; if a member, simply log in and go to step 9). The only thing you is your first and last name, address (for tax receipt) and email address. (You’ll also need a password but can do something trivial since this is a one-time visit to the site.) You may ignore everything else.

8) On the next page asking about your organization, click “Cancel.”

9) You’ll be returned to the Online Store where you can now Check Out.

10) Now you can enter your credit card information and make the donation.